About Us

KK Travellers is an indigenous Ugandan company, headquartered in Kampala and is a market leader in the provision of transport and logistics solutions in Uganda. 

We offer cargo (KK Transporters), passenger (KK Travellers) and courier solutions (KK Courier). We also provide transport solutions in southern Sudan, Congo and the Central African Republic. This means that we are able to tap on our considerable regional scope and best practice in all our services for the benefit of our clients

Location and Facilities

KK Travellers is headquartered at Plot 20 Nakasero Road. It is an ultra-modern facility with ample parking, and big spacious Offices. KK Travellers has a fully equipped bus terminal at Bombo road. This has highly increased efficiency in service delivery and hence customer satisfaction.

In Uganda, KK Travellers is well established and tested within Kampala Pakwach, Nebbi Nyaravur, Paidha, Arua and  Koboko. KK Travellers is licensed, fully insured and has been in operation since 2009 

Additionally, our platform of understanding customer needs, engaging the best people and innovation have kept us ahead in the transport sector. Our investment in assets, human resources and geographical  scope provide both the flexibility to respond to new customer needs as well as provide services from nearly all the parts of the country. We have in total 400 employees, 6 branches and collection centers  and a fleet of 65 trucks and 20 buses

Mission and Vision

Our mission is the provision of a holistic transport and logistics solutions to our customers so that they may concentrate on their core activities and business. Our aim is to provide a professional and courteous service by ensuring KK Travellers is the preferred choice of customers, achieved through first class service, teamwork and excellent communications.


Our passenger service is designed to provide you with complete peace of mind and eliminate the worries associated with time critical travels. We provide efficient and highly secure and comfortable passenger coaches for both day and night travels using our considerable fleet of 45 and 65 seater buses.

Additionally KK Travellers recognizes that the average working day is more time pressured now than ever before. Cargo, packages and parcels need to be delivered urgently, with a signature to guarantee receipt and action. We offer a range of time critical, on-demand and customized regular transport services to satisfy the demands of your business.

KK Travellers aims to be the most preferred company of choice in the transport service industry. We have a proven track record for speed and reliability and by utilizing our services, you can rest assured that you shall be in the right hands all the way. Our unique and high level of proficiency makes KK Travellers one of the most reliable passenger carriers in Uganda.

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